This is a non-profit project!

A free children's book with funny poems 
and beautiful colorful illustrations!
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Valerie Springer, Austrian novelist, wrote the poems.
Marius Buner, Swiss Illustrator, made the drawings. 
The books have been given as a present - free of charge - to children in St. Anna Children's Hospital Vienna/Austria and University Children's Hospital Basel/Switzerland. As well as to parent's organisations and children's cancer-help-groups.

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What is at stake in our project?
The shared goal of our non-profit project has targeted the publication of a children's poem-book as a gift for a special group of children: those who suffer from cancer and stay for therapy in St. Anna Children's Hospital Vienna and the University Children's Hospital Basel.
We created a tiny little treat for them: a beautiful, colorful poem-book. The poems and illustrations are uncomplicated, amusing and spread light heartedness, to help bring these children to a happier place.
What are the aims and who is the target audience ?
The fundamental idea of our project was to bring a little moment of joy and perhaps a few smiles in situations where children feel very alone. 
The target group is all children, adolescents and adults who enjoy reading and books!
But above all, this book was intended for all those children in the hospitals who are separated from their home life, in difficult circumstances.
Alone and disoriented, it is maybe nice for them to know that "out there" there are a lot of people who are thinking of them, wanting to help and support them with their struggle. 

Why should anyone support this project?
Please contribute to creating a small moment of happiness for children! 
While the children might never personally thank you, you yourself will know for sure that you are contributing to a worthwhile project of giving and love. 
The book has a format of A5 landscape, and is made with four-color printing. 
Instead of using a commercial publisher, we published it ourselves as a strictly non-profit venture. We donated all our time to this project and did of course not earn even one cent out of the budget.
Each year, in Switzerland and in Austria some 1,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis causes a serious change in the lives of children, parents and siblings. Everything changes!
But the disease itself is only one of many problems, and creates uncertainty and fear. The uncertain situation, the sudden hospitalization, the change of daily life, being cut off from friends and normal routine would be difficult for anyone, and is especially hard on children.
In addition to medical treatment, psychological assistance is of the utmost importance. 
And anyone who can help is more than welcome!
Every donor who wants to put a smile on the face of these children does infinitely much good!

What happened with the money?
The money collected through crowdfunding and donators was used solely to defray production costs, ISBN, shipping and distribution costs. 
In case you still wish to participate in our project you may order one book directly from the publisher. There are some examples left and the money collected through this sale will go without any deduction to cancer-research-center at St. Anna in Vienna and University Hospital in Basel.
Please participate in our project!
Thus making a smaller - or greater - contribution for a better world!
Who is behind the project?
Valerie Springer: "I am not only a writer, but also a mother of two grown-up children. With this project, I would like to make a small contribution, to give children in extremely difficult situations a little ray of hope. From my own personal experience with cancer, I understand the difference lifting the spirit can make with assisting - of course – the medical treatment."
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Marius Buner:"Drawing is my language. I illustrate what cannot be expressed by words. For me, drawing and illustrating is a transformation of reality into what is behind and beyond that reality … into something that can express more. Children's drawings offer a wonderful opportunity for me to get in touch, once more, with the time when my visual dialogue developed and imprinted on my life. Contributing to something of value to a commendable project such as this gives me so much pleasure."
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Whatever you donate - either a big or a small amount - is not important.
The fact that you do it is what counts.